Super Drift 3D 2

Start your engines for a high speed car race that will prove worthy of your time. Become the number one racer across world, prove yourself to be the master of drift races in the race tracks.

Click to play Super Drift 3D 2

Click to play Super Drift 3D 2

Drive the latest and fastest car there is and get amazed with the beautiful three dimensional tracks that looks visually stunning and gorgeous. If you love cars and racing then you should definitely try Super Drift 3D 2.

Controls of the game

These are the basic controls on how to steer the car

  • Accelerate the car by pressing Up arrow or W key
  • By pressing the Down arrow or S key you will be able to apply brakes or go in reverse
  • Steer the car to the right by pressing the Right arrow or D key
  • Steer the car to the left by pressing the Left arrow key or A key
  • P key allows you to pause the game
  • Shift key allows you to drift the car

Information regarding the game

Super Drift 3D 2 is a wonderful high velocity racing game with beautifully crafted three dimensional stages and cars that look marvelously realistic. The stages are held in different parts of the world, so each place is very unique and amazing. For example – the neon city stage, which is very exquisite, giving you a vivid impression of a city in a nighttime with the colorful sign boards and the neon filled underpass will definitely make you get confused with reality.

The cars in this game are super-fast and have unique models in design and a variety of car to select from. Each of the cars from the selection are labeled with difficulty ratings. These cars are rated based on their functionality. The more difficult car offers you better speed and acceleration while the less difficult ones provide you with better handling, so pick the car that goes with your taste.

Super Drift 3D 2

The tracks in the game presents a lot of challenge as you have to take sharp turns while maintaining decent speed, one miscalculating turn can make you lose all your hard work. The objective of the game is to reach the finish line before your opponent. Super Drift 3D 2 presents you the opportunity to drive much better with speedy cars, which can be unlocked by winning the stages.

Types of mode in the game

Super Drift 3D 2 has 2 major modes for you to play. Each mode are unique and very fun to play.

  • Arcade Mode – This is the primary mode of the game. In arcade mode you get to race with opponent and can unlock various types of stages and cars in the process.
  • Time Trial – This is aimed for players who like to keep track of their records. In time trial you will race solo and the timer will record the timing of each laps. So if you wish to improve your skills or make new records then time trails is the perfect mode for you.

Types of drift in game

In the game the drift system is built for both beginners and experienced players. There are two drift systems in the game, each of the system depends on the player’s style.

  • Easy Drift – This drift system is a perfect choice for beginners as you don’t have to perform complex execution. Drift helps you increase speed in sharp turns. The down side of the easy drift is that you get relatively small boosts after performing it but it enables you to perform more easily.
  • Expert Drift – Expert drift is focused on the more experienced players as they will be granted with full control of the cars during the drifts. In expert drift you receive a great boost in speed after successfully accomplishing drift.

Keep experimenting with the drift systems and choose the drift system that suits you most.


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