Super Drift 1

Get ready to burn your tires and shift your gears to the top as you play Super Drift 1. Play in an exciting virtual racetrack consisting of high speed cars with wild twists and turns giving you a wild and vivid experience of a high speed race. Choose your car and start racing in the challenging race tracks against skillful opponents, drift through the random sharp turns while avoiding bumping in to obstacles in the virtual reality which is entirely in 3d.

Click to play Super Drift 1

Click to play Super Drift 1

Controls of the game

Before you start racing in the racetracks, you should familiarize yourself with the controls to drive your cars successfully. Here is the list of controls involved in the game to get started –

  • Press the Up arrow key to accelerate the car
  • Press the Down arrow key to stop the car or drive backwards
  • Press the Right arrow key to steer the car to the right
  • Press the Left arrow key to steer the car to the left
  • Press the P key to pause the game
  • Press the C key to change the view/theposition of the camera
  • Press the Space bar to reset theposition of your car
  • Press the Shift key to start drifting the car

About the Game

Super Drift 1 is a fast paced racing game consisting of a wide variety of unpredictable twists and turns requiring your complete concentration during the entire game. The races being fast paced tests your reaction time and provides you with challenging opponents to race against. There are a variety of challenging maps or racetracks to choose from as well.The game consists of highly accurate physics with attractive graphics to include more realism to the visualization of the overall game as well as the movements or the behavior of the cars.

Super Drift 1

The game consists of several game modes and difficulty to choose from, which can be quite appealing for beginners as it can give you the opportunity of both learning the game and challenging the game. The game consists of two types of game modes which presents you with different objective so if you don’t enjoy an ordinary race, you will be able to choose a different objective matching your needs. The game modes provided by the game includes –

  • Arcade Mode – Arcade mode presents you with an opponent to race against, to complete the level you must finish the race and be in the first place to win.
  • Time Trial – Race against time in the challenging race tracks, test your skill and reach the end faster than ever before. You must be able to finish the race within a certain time in Time Trial mode. Take your car to its top speed and blaze through the twists and turn to see how fast you can drive.

The game has a selection of difficulty to choose from providing you with the opportunity to match your skills in the race tracks.The difficulty determines how your opponent behaves and how easy or hard will it be to finish the levels.The objective of the game will be more or less challenging depending on your choice.There is also a selection of difficulty level for the control or the drift functionality of the car. You can select how you will be able to drift on pressing your controller, by selecting the easy drift system, the drift system will enable the car to automatically vary the speed and brake accordingly while the expert drifting system grants you to full control over your car during the twists and turns to maintain your speed as you please.


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