Scary Games For Smartphones

You probably already heard about the Scary Maze game. It is so popular ! You send your friend a link to it, and after he completes few levels, a witch appears and scares him. These days it is harder to prank friends with this game because so many people already know about it. But did you know that you can download scary games to your smartphone? And that includes the Scary Maze Game as well.


To be honest, I really like playing scary games. In the past I played racing games daily, but after discovering the scary games category, I rarely play them now. Instead, I like trying different scary games. My speakers are always on, that adds excitement and makes everything much more fun. Fortunately, there are many different scary games, and most of them are really good actually. Most gaming portals and websites offer at least few of them, so finding scary games is not a problem at all.

The famous scary maze viseo

The Famous Scary Maze Video

You can聽Play Scary Maze Game聽on your iPhone or Android by clicking Here. This app includes more than 10 scary games – and that’s amazing ! You won’t have to download additional apps and games after you finish a level. Just continue to the next built in game and enjoy ! I really like this app. It looks cool, easy to use and the scary games are super fun and scary. Just make sure your smartphone is not muted. You can also try to prank your friends with this app. Tell them “it’s just a game” and watch them jump and scream as soon as the witch pops ! I pranked few of my friends with this app already, and they are still mad. Hahaha ! I hope they will forgive me, but man… that was funny. One of them (dani) actually jumped, screamed and almost broke my smartphone.


So, that’s pretty much it ! I hope you will download the app and enjoy it as much as I did ! Don’t be shy – comment and let me know what you think 馃檪

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