Mad Truck Challenge 3

Mad Truck Challenge 3 is a really fun game you should defiantly try out. Take control of your huge truck and try to finish the levels as fast as possible. Send rockets and eliminate your enemies. At first it will be pretty easy, but you’ll see that the advanced levels are really challenging.

On YouTube you can find many gameplay videos of Mad Truck Challenge 3. I persoanlly really like watching walkthorugh videos. It is as fun as playing the game yourself, but you don’t really have to do anything. Just sit and relax. Some of the gamers on YouTube are also funny, so that’s a bonus ! There are thousands of gaming channels on YouTube – let me know which one is your favorite (comment !). You can find quite some videos about the Mad Truck Challenge as well.

You can also play the great Mad Truck Challenge game on your smartphone. This game is super fun when using a touch screen – defiantly try it out. I play this game on my smartphone almost every day, and it never gets boring. Really interesting and addicting game.

mad truck

Since developing games is very easy nowadays, thousends of new games are released every single day. In the past you had to invest thousends of dollars to develop a simple game. You had to hire designers, programmers, marketing experts and more. Now – all you need a simple software, and using a drag and drop system – you can create amazing games. And regarding the marketing – there are many services that will make advertising on Facebook and other platforms very easy. The game creation softwares I mentioned are not new – they exist for over 10 years. The big difference now is the graphics and ease of use. So, if gaming is your hobby and developing a game is your dream – create a game now ! Who knows, maybe your game will be as successful as Mad Truck Challenge 3.


If you came across any other games, as fun as Mad Truck Challenge 3 – comment or send us a message. I really like playing games online, but in the recent years – I found out that good games are rare, and it is pretty hard to find them now. I always recommend my friends new games I liked, and they do the same as well. I hope you found this post interesting 🙂 Feel free to share it with your friends, and don’t forget to check out the great games on our website.

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