Earn to Die 4

The 4th game in the ‘Earn to Die’ series of games brings you more options and features than the previous games.

The game is brought to you by Not Doppler and Toffee Games.

The game starts with a brief animation about who you are, where you are and what your mission in this game is. You are stranded in a dessert with no one around and your only means of escape is a helicopter that is 3000 feet away. What’s stopping you? An army of zombies that is coming your way. You need to get out fast and now!


Game Rules

You have 500$ in your pocket and a garage nearby. What do you do? You buy the cheapest car the garage has to offer you (which, coincidentally, costs 500$!) and you set off towards the helicopter.

On your way, you can kill, smash and crash into as many zombies as you can for as long as your fuel allows you to. When your fuel runs out, you stop for the day and buy more fuel for the next day. The more zombies you kill and the more distance you cover, the more money you earn to spend.

Game Levels and Difficulty

You can play the game in two modes: Challenges and Story mode. The story mode allows you to buy a car and proceed towards your escape. You can play the Challenge mode only when you have finished playing the Story mode.

The first levels are easy to play, and slowly gets harder as you upgrade your vehicle and move closer to the helicopter.

If you find this game too easy, you can try other Earn to Die games.


You have the option of saving your game in three different slots to play later. You can load and play any of these three games later.

Earn to Die 4 also gives you the option to keep your Sound and Music on or off during the game. You can access these options any time during the game, even in the middle of playing.

Earn to Die 4

The shop inside the game allows you to upgrade your car after each day has ended. You can also fill your fuel for the next day with the money that you have earned by killing the zombies. Besides, when you have enough money saved, you can also purchase a better car that will take you to your escape further and quicker.

Earn to Die 4 is available in Apple Store and Play Store to download and play.


The keyboard arrows are used for this game:

  • To accelerate – Up arrow
  • To brake – Down button
  • To tilt left/right – Left/Right arrow

Age Limit

The game is rated above 12 years, because of all the violence, blood and gore present in the game.

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