Super Drift 3

Super Drift 3 is not just another typical racing game, it is a game that has taken racing games to new level with its exciting and exquisite improvements. The game consists of various new upgrades and includes more cars with more race tracks to add more uniqueness to the game.

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Get ready to agitate with the super-fast cars in the super long race tracks with more tricky curves, more twisted paths and sharper turns guaranteeing you with hours of entertainment. Face challenging new opponents with more powerful cars and compete against them to prove your skills.

Game overview

Super drift 3 adds more interesting features to the style of race the previous parts provide. It is a game of fast-paced racing requiring your skillful controllability of the cars as you face the different curves and turns in the tracks. Super Drift 3 provides you with more choice of cars, each with distinct power, durability, handling and more. The game gives the added benefit of being able to tune your car and change the overall performance as well as the appearance of the car.

Super Drift 3

You are presented with more objectives to choose from as there are many unique levels or game modes, each of these several objectives influence your overall gameplay as these objectives are useful to increase the performance of you racing skills as well as giving you bonus to collect on the way giving you the opportunity to upgrade and improve your cars.

There are some levels in the game which requires the best upgrades of your car to win and for which you must play in different game modes and levels to earn the maximum bonuses. There are three types of game modes offered in Super Drift 3 which are –

  • Arcade Mode – This is the classic Super Drift racing which gives you challenging opponents to play against as you drift your way and race in extreme speed. Super Drift 3 provides multiple opponents to race against, presenting you with more challenge as you now have to overcome not one but several more highly skilled opponents. But with the choices of the difficulty level you may be able to match your skills accordingly.
  • Pursuit Mode – This is a unique and exciting addition to the Super Drift racing adventure as you are presented with the opportunity to earn bonuses for taking down a given target. The objective of Pursuit Mode is, as soon as the stage starts you will be chasing after a car and trying to take it down, if you succeed in completing the challenge, bonuses will be awarded.
  •  Time Trial Mode – You are given the challenge of driving faster towards the end in this mode. The time trial mode assigns you with a certain time to finish the race, and by going as fast as possible if you can reach the end within the given time you will win and receive special bonuses.

Super Drift 3

Controls of the game

Learn the basic controls of the game to start racing –

  • Accelerate the car by pressing the Up arrow key
  • Stop the car or drive backwards by pressing the Down arrow key
  • You can steer the car to the right by pressing the Right arrow key
  • You can steer the car to the left by pressing the Left arrow key
  • You can pause the game by pressing the P key
  • You can change the view/the position of the camera by pressing the C key
  • You can reset the position of your car by pressing the Space bar
  • You can start drifting the car by pressing the Shift key

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